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3 Hardscaping Ideas To Spruce Up Your Yard For Summer

We’re officially in the thick of summer, and many homeowners are getting their yards ready for some serious entertaining and summer fun. But landscaping isn’t the only thing you can do to spruce up your yard for the summer months.

Hardscaping lets you take advantage of your outdoor space with unique elements that can take your yard from average to awesome. Here are three hardscaping ideas you can use to upgrade your property this season:

  1. Patios. A patio may seem like an obvious choice when it comes to revamping your outdoor space with hardscaping. But the great debate over whether a patio or deck is the best for entertaining remains a common conversation. If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful space for entertaining in your backyard, a patio might be the right idea for you. With patios, you can change the shape, layout, size, and placement of your hardscaping so it’s just right for your home.
  2. Outdoor kitchen. For some, a fancy grill is enough to satisfy the need for a major masonry installation like a gorgeous stone outdoor kitchen. But if you’re tired of going in and out of your house throughout the barbeque to wash your hands, get condiments, and check the oven for your baked mac n’ cheese, an outdoor kitchen is a great summer hardscape idea for you.
  3. Fire pit. Just like the patio, the fire pit is a classic and popular hardscape design for the summer months. Fire pits aren’t just a great place to congregate with your family. They’re also the epitome of what summer is about: hanging out with friends and family around a fire, roasting marshmallows, and relaxing as the sun goes down. What’s more, there are so many different types of fire pits that you can customize your hardscaping design any way you want to match the style of your house or to get really unique.

Interested in masonry installations or other landscape services?

It’s no secret that landscaping services can help to make your yard look good and feel good during the summer months. In fact, landscaping can help to reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 50% when you use landscape planting and masonry installations to shade your windows and walls, according to the American Public Power Association.

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