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3 Reasons to Love Outdoor Walkways and Other Landscaping Features

outdoor walkwaysLandscaping: it’s something that many people think they can do themselves until they see how much work it is. While many homeowners like to do their own gardening or lay a few paving stones by their patios, they may be able to benefit from using a professional landscaping service instead. And it turns out that that kind of planning can lead to big results!

Why does adding a quality landscape design to your home matter so much? Here are some of the advantages that trees, gardens, outdoor walkways, and other soft and hardscape features can add to your home:

1. Quality landscaping provides you with a beautiful lawn. Ever wonder how the homeowners featured in Better Homes and Gardens or on HGTV have such picture-worthy homes? Chances are, they’ve had (landscaping) work done! A professional landscaper will develop a design that is tailored to your home, so you come home to your dream house every day.

2. Hardscaping can add major features to your home. What is hardscaping? Where landscaping has to do with “soft” features in your yard, such as plants and soil, hardscaping deals with heavier materials, like concrete or paving stones. Most often, these items are used to make outdoor walkways and patios, and they may or may not include lighting in their design. This goes beyond planting and mulching along the edge of your house to transform it with permanent, long-lasting features.

3. Expert landscaping services can actually increase the value of your home. Believe it or not, landscaping doesn’t just make your home look beautiful. It also makes your home more valuable, too, should you ever put it on the market. Approximately 60% of potential home buyers may choose to buy a home based on how well the yard is landscaped. If your landscaping and hardscaping delight buyers enough, you can see an increased resale value of about 14% according to one estimate. Another states that spending 5% of your home’s value on landscaping can up the resale value by a staggering 15%. Money magazine estimates that you can get a return on your investment worth between 100 and 200% from landscaping when you go to sell your home.

Are you interested in adding trees, stonework, outdoor walkways, or other landscaping features to your home? Be sure to contact us to find out what we can do for your yard.