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3 Things to Look for in Hardscaping Contractors

hardscaping servicesLandscaping and hardscaping services can be incredibly beneficial to a home when the projects are completed correctly and with the right materials. Unfortunately in recent years, many people have been scammed attempting to secure hardscaping services and the like. Homeowners can save a lot of time, frustration, and money by doing research and being aware of shortcuts scammers may take. Before paying someone, watch for any red flags, and follow our list of the top three qualities your contractor should have!

Generally, landscaping professionals will have a Bachelors or even a Masters degree in the field. In addition to that degree, they should also have experience actually working in the field. About 67% of American landscaping jobs are for single family homes, so check to make sure they’ve done some great work in the past. This will give you peace of mind that they can do a great job with your project as well.

Did you know that a landscaping project can bring a return on investment of 100% to 200% when you sell your home? If you plan to sell your home, even if it won’t be until years down the road, a landscaping project can be a perfect and simple way to add big value to your home. The curb appeal is so much greater in homes that have well taken care of yards and lawns! The thing is, a contractor needs to use high quality materials to make the project worth your while. Before you agree to working with a contractor, double check this detail!

The biggest thing when working with anyone is transparency. You should know exactly what the contractors are doing at any given time and how much it will cost you. This prevents any unwanted or unnecessary costs from surprising you at the end. It protects both you and the business you work with!

Are you diving into a project soon? What are the top qualities you’ll be looking for in hardscaping contractors? Contact us today with any questions you may have!