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5 Helpful Tips To Improve Your Yard

landscaping company in delawareEvery landscaping company in Delaware has a different vision of how to achieve the perfect look for a garden, backyard or other landscaped area. How can you tell if a landscaping company in Delaware is indeed the best suited to furnish your outdoor walkways, landscape planting and other backyard hardscape design ideas? In our experience, customers tend to be most satisfied once they have implemented a few of our landscape ideas into their pre-existing property and determined that our vision and approach is a good fit for their space.

With that in mind, here are five landscape design techniques you can use to make your yard a landscaped paradise. Try any of these out to see what your yard is capable of looking like.

  • When it comes to placing trees around your property, it can cut costs on air conditioning and other cooling expenses to have trees shading key windows, air conditioning units, and other strategic points of energy conservation.
  • Water your plants during the coolest part of the day, ideally early morning. Watering at mid-day can lead to too much water evaporating before it gets the chance to nourish the plants, and watering too late in the evening can lead to insufficient evaporation, causing fungal disease.
  • To avoid damage to your lawn, keep off of it during dry weather to avoid breaking the brittle grass. Your lawn should have about an inch of water a week to stay healthy.
  • Maintain your yard to eliminate allergens such as ragweed, which can make quality of life unpleasant.
  • When mowing your lawn, it is advised to keep grass no shorter than an inch and no taller than four inches.

Before hiring a landscaping company in Delaware, try out a few of these approaches during your free time and see if they work for you. Landscaping is a major project and you want to make sure your values and vision align with that of your landscaping company before you put in a bid. We hope this article gives you some inspiration for your yard!