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5 Wonderful Reasons To Add A Water Feature To Your Backyard

As you may already know, there are all kinds of unique landscape ideas you can utilize in your own backyard. And there’s good reason to do so: a quality landscaping job can increase a building’s resale value by up to 14%. Regardless of its size or your general aesthetic, working with local landscaping companies can allow you to turn your property into an oasis. From koi ponds to hardscape walkways, there’s no shortage of intriguing and attractive elements to add to your garden. But one of the most beautiful and tranquil of these landscaping projects has to be custom water features. Does adding a water feature seem a bit too extravagant for your tastes? We think the following reasons might change your mind.

  1. They’re simple to maintain
    A lot of people assume that custom water features come with a great deal of maintenance. While they do require regular maintenance to run smoothly and stave off algae buildup, these cleaning tasks aren’t difficult or expensive. Fountains and ponds will need to be cleaned out regularly, as will any stones or rocks you use in their design. But as far as property maintenance is concerned, these duties are pretty easy. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy being in nature while you perform them!
  2. You can create a natural habitat for animals
    If you’re an animal lover, adding a water feature can be a great way to bring the wildlife to you. Birds, insects, and frogs will often come to a water source, particularly if it’s surrounded by native plants. If you decide to add a pond, you can also add fish so you’ll always have some creatures swimming nearby. Just be aware that you’ll need to take care of these fishy friends, so you really can’t neglect your maintenance duties!
  3. They’ll keep your garden cooler in summertime
    During the warmer months, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible. But if it’s unbearably hot in your yard, you won’t get to enjoy it nearly as much. Custom water features will keep things cool and peaceful, which will increase your overall comfort when you’re outside. If you’re outside reading a book or just watching the wildlife around you, you can sit by your fountain or other water feature for a longer time, thus adding to your overall relaxation.
  4. Water features can reduce stress
    Speaking of relaxation, you might also want to consider that water features can help alleviate stress. Do you love the sound of a babbling brook or of ocean waves? Then you’ll really enjoy the sound of a water feature in your yard. Simply being near water can be very therapeutic for some folks. If you set up a serenity area near your water feature, you’ll be able to reap the emotional and physical benefits of reducing your stress in a natural way.
  5. They’ll add interest and the illusion of space
    Of course, custom water features add visual interest; they’re often a conversation piece or a main design feature on your property. But these water features can also make certain spaces look even bigger than they are. If your custom water feature is designed correctly, it can add the illusion of extra space in a small yard. It can also define a space that one seemed flat and dull. For an extra bit of “oomph,” you might consider adding underwater lighting to your fountain. You can even find lights that change colors or that are solar-powered to reduce your energy bills.

You might assume that water features won’t work in your yard. But with so many different styles to choose from, you’ll be bound to find one that suits your tastes and needs. To find out more about starting a landscaping project that includes a water feature, contact us today.