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This Autumn Landscaping To-Do List Will Make You ‘Fall’ In Love With Your Home

Fall is finally here, which means you’re probably enjoying the colorful foliage and cooler temperatures. But autumn’s arrival means it’s time to take care of some important landscaping tasks around your property. Remember, when selling a home, landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100-200% — but even if you don’t plan to sell, keeping up with your landscaping is key. While you can certainly DIY some of these duties, you should consider calling a landscaping company in Delaware for the more extensive jobs.

This fall, you should consider these landscaping tips:

    • Plant shrubs and some flowers
      Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean you can’t have some color in your yard now. Mums are always a popular choice and ornamental kale can provide some nice greenery. Speaking of greenery, now’s a great time to plant your shrubs and allow them to take root in the cooler soil. Need help with your landscape planting ideas? Call your local landscaper.
    • Make use of leaves
      The changing leaves may be beautiful when they’re on the tree, but once they fall, they can be a pain. However, you can put them to good use. Collect the leaves and make them into compost; this can be incorporated into your mulch and help make those landscape planting ideas you brought to reality thrive throughout the year. Be sure to clear out your gutters, too!
    • Feed and mow your lawn
      Even if you know your lawn will soon get cold and hard (or even covered with snow), you should still take care of it during this time period. Feeding your lawn now will make the grass look nicer come spring. Before the frost comes in, be sure to mow your lawn one last time, too. Keeping your grass on the short side will reduce your need to call a lawn repair service later on, as disease won’t be as likely to latch on to the blades.
    • Trim back branches and perennials
      If some of your trees have sustained damage, you can help protect them by trimming back any dead branches now. Remember to leave these wounds exposed so that they can heal. You should also trim back perennials to the ground; it may seem drastic, but this is actually what keeps these plants healthy from year to year. You should take out any annuals that are past their prime now, as well, which will help keep slugs and snails out of your garden.
    • Perform firepit maintenance
      For homeowners who have firepits, the fall can be a great time to perform year-end maintenance. Note that you can still enjoy your firepit during this time of year, as performing maintenance doesn’t mean you have to close up for the season. If your fire pit has a gas connection, check these connections for leaks. Remove any debris (like rocks, leaves, and dirt) from the burner area and check for clogs in any vents. Look for evidence of animal activity and make sure that if you cover your firepit, that no critters can sneak under the enclosure.

Talk to a professional landscaping company

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t bring your landscape planting ideas to life and enjoy them throughout the season. For more information on autumn maintenance for your yard, get in touch with us today. We provide professional landscaping services to Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania.