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Creative Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Space Amazing

outdoor lightingThe spring has sprung! For many people, that means outdoor parties, picnics, pick-up games at the park — and outdoor home improvement. Landscaping, hardscaping, lawn patch repair, new outdoor lighting, custom carpentry for outdoor gazebos and pavilions — you name it. People want to make their backyards more inviting and relaxing. And it’s not just about aesthetics — a good landscaping job can increase the resale value of a building by up to 14%, and can lower heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.

Indeed, research has shown that the landscaping services market in the U.S. was expected to recover and reach $80.06 billion by 2015. If you’re looking for ways to compete with your neighbors for a beautiful, well-curated outdoor space, check out these ideas for creative yard elements.

Hammock Pavilion
By stringing hammocks between the posts of an octagonal pavilion, as well as in the roof beams, you’ve got an instant and amazing hangout spot — relaxation central, if you will. You can make it even more specialized by mounting little “hammock side tables” on the posts to make a convenient spot for cool drinks and books.

Outdoor Kitchen
Everyone knows all about the joys of outdoor grilling…but what about the pleasures of outdoor food prep and lemonade making? You’ll be amazed by how much smoother things go when you have a sink and a counter space to marinate your meat, wash your hands and prepare a salad. And, that’s just more time you get to spend inside. Comes in handy when gardening or playing outdoor games, too.

A Firepit…AND a Grill…AND a table
It’s three birds with one stone! Seriously, there’s really nothing like a firepit to extend the months you can use your outdoor space, and by raising it and placing grates around and on top of it, it can serve not just two, but three dual purposes. This way, your fire pit is useful all year long, making barbecues more fun, creative and interactive than ever before.

Creative ideas like these are great for raising the value of your home and fun of your get togethers. Just remember to tie them all together with some classical essentials: quality outdoor lighting, outdoor walkways, a well-groomed lawn, and creative landscape ideas.

Get ready — it’s gonna be an amazing summer!