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How to Divide Up Your Yard Space

Green spaces near homes is highly valued — 52% of city-dwellers responded to a survey saying that they would like to see more “green areas” in their cities. Those with yards are very lucky to be able to simply go outside and enjoy the grass and plants.

Yet yards are becoming so much more than just a place where grass grows. People are increasingly designing outdoor spaces that are an extension of their other living spaces, either for the family to relax in or for entertaining friends. For people looking to redesign their outdoor spaces, there are a large variety of options. Homeowners can choose to install outdoor kitchens, outdoor lighting, patios, and walkways.

When you use your yard for multiple activities, you may want to keep things contained. For instance, if you have a firepit and an outdoor kitchen, but also an area for kicking around a soccer ball, it is best to group like with like. Have one area for food preparation and eating, one for relaxation (we’re thinking hammocks here, lots of hammocks) and another area for recreation.

But how best to divide these yard “sections”? Check out some suggestions below:

One great way to divvy up your yard and at the same time provide a way to get to each area is to lay down unique walkways, lacing through your yard and leading to different areas. This method offers the chance to get really creative: you can make many stylistic choices with the type of brick or cement you use, and you can even make it into a fun DIY project with mosaics.

Low garden walls are not only beautiful, but they offer a great place to sit and enjoy the whole yard. They can be helpful at keeping some critters out of areas where they aren’t wanted, too. Walls can be styled by themselves, or they can hold sculptures or functional pieces.

Work with your landscapers to figure out what types of plants or hedges would be perfect to help divide up your yard. It’s a scenic and green way to create spaces that harmonize yet are distinct.

Your yard is your blank canvas, and with the help of expert landscapers, you can make it into the backyard paradise you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t be afraid to play around with different layouts and yard configurations.