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Get Into Summer: Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Summer is officially here, and with it comes a whirlwind of weekend trips, impromptu dinner parties, and long, bright evenings. However, the sun still goes down, so why should that mean the end of summer fun? If your parties are breaking up once it’s too dark to see in your backyard, you are long overdue for an essential landscaping upgrade: high-end outdoor lighting should be in your near future.

Landscaping and hardscaping upgrades are definitely a no-brainer, and can make your summer evening get-togethers that much more valuable. It makes your home more valuable, too — Money Magazine wrote that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200% at selling time, and a well landscaped and maintained lawn helps reduce allergens such as ragweed. Plus, the right landscaping leads to savings in heating and cooling costs. Proper landscaping can reduce the need for central air conditioning use by up to 50%.

Check out these great ideas for setting up some unforgettable, high-end outdoor lighting in your yard:

Accentuate and Illuminate Your Outdoor Living Space
Have solar powered LED lighting placed at the most essential junctions in your yard in order to better facilitate easy navigation. Line paths, mark seating areas, and illuminate the grill for your outdoor kitchens so that you can treat your patio or lawn furniture just like your living room.

String Them Up
For a more festive vibe, don’t forget to string up some of the lights over your picnic table or outdoor dining area. They light up space surprisingly well, and really set the mood. Use string lights as the basis for your outdoor decorations.

Incorporate Them
Are you building a new patio, deck, or set of outdoor walkways? Why not simply build your high-end outdoor lighting right into them? Have skilled carpenters and contractors work on your project and discuss exactly what you want with them.

Don’t head inside just because the sun goes down — everyone knows that if there is one thing better than summer nights, it is summer days. Relax, enjoy the outdoors, stay cool, and stay bright with your new outdoor lighting.