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Landscaping Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

outdoor kitchensAn estimated 67% of all landscaping projects in the U.S. involve residential homes, but that doesn’t mean that every landscaping project is an automatic success. Mistakes happen, and bad landscaping is definitely one of them.

However, most of these mistakes happen because people are unaware that they are, in fact, mistakes. The more informed you are before starting a project, the better. Whether it’s outdoor kitchens or a simple garden, here are a few landscaping mistakes you should be avoiding at all costs.

Excessive Lawn Ornamentation
Before you put that garden gnome in your lawn, or even contemplate purchasing it from your local landscaping store, you need to ask yourself why you want it and how it fits into the overall scheme of your landscaping project. If you’re going for a whimsical backyard garden, then it may be perfect. However, if you’re going for simple and elegant, you might want to leave the lawn ornaments in the store.

Neglecting Your Yard
When it comes down to it, a good lawn repair means nothing if you don’t maintain it like you’re supposed to. Outdoor living spaces can be beautiful and lavish, but if you don’t tend to their regular maintenance needs, they can quickly fall apart. If you’re not willing to handle the maintenance, then you should hire a regular lawn service.

Planting in the Wrong Place
When you purchase plants to put into your garden, you need to pay attention to where your garden is and what kind of plants you’re purchasing. If your garden gets a lot of sunlight all day, then you shouldn’t plant items that need a good amount of shade to thrive. Pay attention to the tags that come with your plants, and be sure to do your own research before purchasing them.

Improper Fertilization
Fertilizing your lawn and garden can be a tough job, but it’s even tougher if you don’t take steps to stay informed. Too much or too little fertilization on your garden could cause serious damage to your landscaping job, so it’s best to make sure you’re thoroughly educated before the project is completed.

Overdoing Your Lawn
If you want outdoor kitchens or beautiful outdoor walkways, that’s fine. However, your outdoor living space shouldn’t mimic your indoor living space. Rather, it should be a complement to it. A minimalist approach is sometimes the best approach, especially if you’re incorporating furniture or full outdoor kitchens into the picture.

The best piece of advice you could possibly receive is to hire a professional landscaper to do the job. They will be able to help you determine the best landscaping technique for your home and your family.