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Patio Problems 101: How To Solve Your Outdoor Issues

Throughout most of the year, families all across the country are able to enjoy their backyards thanks to their patios. Whether you want to watch the fireflies dance after a family barbecue or would rather enjoy your first cup of coffee with the sunrise, a great landscape patio design can help you do it. But while a patio might ideally represent carefree living, the truth is that patios can come with their own set of problems — particularly if they aren’t properly installed or maintained. By working with a reputable landscaping design company (of which there are around 398,383 in the nation!) and performing regular upkeep, you should be able to avoid the following issues.

PATIO PROBLEM: Uneven Pavers

Paver patio designs can make a space look great, but only if they are installed correctly. When pavers appear to sit unevenly, it’s usually because the base on which they were installed wasn’t deep enough or was uneven itself. It could also be because the type of soil retains too much water; the freeze/thaw cycle can often move pavers around. No matter the cause, you’ll likely have to completely start over. That’s why you should always work with a landscape patio design expert the first time around.

PATIO PROBLEM: Sticky Sliding Door

Patio doors both old and new can be problematic at times due to extensive use or exposure to the elements. Your door’s rollers should allow you to slide it seamlessly along its track, but if the rollers are broken or dirty, you may have to exert a lot of effort. Alternatively, the track itself could be bent or you may be dealing with a sagging door frame. If your door dilemmas are keeping you from enjoying your patio to the fullest extent, call your contractor and see about getting it fixed.


If you don’t have an awning or table umbrella, you might find it difficult to sit out on the patio during certain times of the day due to excessive sun exposure. For your own safety and comfort, you should work with your landscape patio design expert on a solution (which might include anything from planting more trees to incorporating an overhead arbor). On the flip side, you might find that the visibility out on the patio is poor at night. By adding some attractive outdoor lighting throughout the space, you’ll add both ambiance and security. That way, you can easily enjoy your patio day or night.

Is your property suffering from these prevalent patio problems? If so, there’s good news: we can help. To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today.