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Professional Landscaping Vs. DIY: How to Choose the Right Path

It may still be winter outside, but many homeowners are dreaming of warmer weather. If you’re already thinking ahead to your spring landscaping projects, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to obtain professional help with landscaping or to simply go the DIY route. This choice often comes down to personal preference, but it may help to highlight the considerations that come along with each option.

DIY Landscaping

  • You’ll have complete control: Simply put, some homeowners don’t want help with landscaping. They would much rather take charge of everything themselves — even if that means making mistakes. When you DIY your landscaping, you will be able to control every aspect. Just keep in mind that may mean it’ll take a lot longer to complete your projects, especially if you aren’t exactly sure how to landscape in specific ways.
  • You can explore a new hobby: Gardening and landscaping can both be incredibly worthwhile endeavors. They’ll give you a chance to be creative and physically active. If you have an interest in both design and nature, doing your own landscaping can be a thrill. On the flip side, you might not enjoy your new hobby so much if it feels like work. Instead of being a welcome escape from reality, it might become one more task on your list that needs to get done.
  • You’ll save on labor costs: It’s certainly possible to save on labor costs when you go the DIY route. Because you’ll only need to pay for the necessary landscaping components, you’ll be able to keep initial costs down. But remember that your time and your health are valuable, too. Although gardening can be great exercise, it can also be difficult on the body. Without access to the kinds of equipment that professional landscapers provide, you will end up taking on a more substantial physical burden. So while you might save a bit of money, it might not be worth it to be in pain or deal with the emotional frustration of trying to complete a landscaping project all by yourself.

Professional Landscaping Services

  • You’ll have expert assistance: With an estimated 398,383 landscaping businesses located all across the country, there will be countless landscapers available to you who have the training and knowledge to execute something truly special. You probably aren’t going to begin a DIY landscaping project knowing nearly as much as these professionals do, even if you know your way around a garden. When you don’t know the answers, you’ll be able to turn to your landscapers for valuable advice.
  • Your design will be of higher quality: The bottom line is that professional landscapers know what they’re doing. When you work with experts, the final result is simply going to look better and last longer than any DIY job. That’s true of virtually any home improvement project. Remember that you get what you pay for. Saving money may sound enticing, but the final result probably won’t look as good. That could end up impacting your property values down the line, should you decide to sell your home.
  • You won’t risk as much: Getting help with landscaping doesn’t present as big of a risk as the DIY route does. If you do your own landscaping, you could end up wasting a lot of money due to improper installation of water features or improper selection of plants. You may end up needing professional assistance to fix what you already did. Plus, opting for a DIY landscaping plan could leave you vulnerable to injury. You might not think of landscaping as dangerous work, but you’ll probably put your body through a lot trying to complete these tasks. Without access to equipment or a team of workers, you could wear yourself out. Those risks might not be worth it in the end, especially when you consider the peace of mind you’ll obtain by hiring the professionals.

If you’ve decided you need help with landscaping, we’re here to turn your vision into a reality. To get started on planning your spring landscaping projects, contact us today.