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Three Reasons Why Landscaping is Phenomenal

front walkwaysLandscaping provides millions of Americans an invaluable service that many of us simply can’t do without. From lawn repair services to custom carpentry projects and personal gardens, landscapers can transform your yard into your very own mini Xanadu. Constructing front walkways and back patios are just a few of the services landscaping companies provide.

There are many wonderful reasons to hire landscaping services. Here are three top reasons to get you started on your way to a totally new lawn for you and your whole family to enjoy:

  1. Landscaping Raises the Value of Your Home: Landscaping can transform not just the green in your yard but the green found right in your wallet. Landscaping work is well-known to increase the value of a house or property. It is estimated that landscaping can increase the recovery value of a home by as much as 100% to 200%. Moreover, spending just 5% of the original value of your home can boost its resale value by as much as 15%. Homeowners who are interested in selling their home may find it advantageous to refurbish their lawns.
  2. Landscaping Can Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bills: Believe it or not, landscaping has the ability to reduce the use of your air conditioning system. By shading windows, walls, and entrances of your home (not to mention the air conditioning unit itself), landscaping can reduce the use of air conditioning by as much as 50%!
  3. Landscaping Puts Americans to Work: The landscaping industry is quite prominent in American business. The industry makes $73 billion in revenue every year, employing 875,000 people in nearly 400,000 businesses across the country! Especially in these trying economic times, supporting American businesses is a wonderful way to boost the still-recovering American economy.

There are other reasons to acquire landscaping surfaces of course but whatever the reason, you will not regret it.

What do you think about landscaping? Are you interested in building front walkways or gardens in your yard? Feel free to leave a comment or question below for more information.