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Tips To Keep Your Garden Looking Gorgeous This Winter

Fall foliage is getting to be a bit past its peak at this point, which means that winter will soon be on its way. In many parts of the country, that means snow will soon cover up many of your landscape planting designs. To some, that might seem like a waste of the $73 billion the U.S. landscape industry generates in revenue every year. But just because homeowners won’t spend time in their backyards during the next few months doesn’t mean they should give up on their outdoor living spaces. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make sure your property shines during this season. Here are just a few tips to follow that will turn your yard or garden into a wonderful winter wonderland.

Focus On Texture
A shortage of colorful flowers doesn’t equate to a boring backyard. It simply means you’ll need to find other ways to add visual interest to your outdoor space. Added texture can make your landscape look breathtaking even when it’s covered in white powder. Tree bark (particularly the kind showcased with birch, dogwood, Japanese maple, crape myrtle, and other interesting varieties) will be your friend during this season. Certain shrubs can add some contrasting textures and will look positively cheery when covered with snow. When color is hard to come by, the patterns created by these plants will keep your yard looking interesting.

Add In Color
That said, there are some tried-and-true methods of ensuring your garden won’t look like it’s been captured on black and white film. Even little pops of color can completely change how your property is perceived. Trees and shrubs that show their berries can provide these pops and can feed wildlife in your area. Holly and crab apple trees can both be excellent choices. Ornamental cabbage or kale can add saturated purples, pinks, and greens, while winter jasmine can bring some sunshine-y yellow into the mix. Don’t forget about evergreens (there’s a reason why they were given that name, after all)! Although the ground may soon be covered with white, these plants will keep your garden looking alive. Your skilled landscaping company in Delaware can help you choose some non-invasive plants that will add in some much-needed hues.

Enhance Your Hardscape
If you have limited planting space or still feel like something is missing from your winter setup, you can work with a skilled landscaping company in Delaware to focus on your hardscaping and discern where improvements can be made. Trellises, arbors, sculptures, benches, and rock walls can all be used to add some visual interest that can stand up to winter weather. These additions can ensure your yard looks excellent during the winter, but they will also support your garden in the spring and summer, too. Want help with your hardscape? We’ll come up with hardscaping design ideas that can transform your yard.

Don’t Empty Out Decorative Containers
You might be inclined to empty out pots, planters, hanging baskets, and window boxes to store for the winter. In some cases, this might be appropriate. But if you have hardy materials and want to add some flourish to your home, you may want to consider filling those containers with miniature spruces (or other evergreen boughs) or holly to create gorgeous little planters that will look fresh throughout the season. These won’t require much maintenance other than watering, so they’ll be a great option during colder temperatures (when you won’t feel like heading outside very often).

Winter is only dull and dreary if you make it so. By working with a skilled landscaping company in Delaware before the snow falls, you can ensure your yard looks fantastic throughout the season.