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Two Ways To Get Your Landscaping Ready For Spring

landscape planting design
Good news! Believe it or not, spring is on its way. Right now is the perfect time to take a long look at your lawn, and make any necessary improvements for this year’s growing season. What’s the best way to get started? Start with the essentials, and then read up on some of 2015’s hottest gardening and luxury landscape designs.

Start With A Clean Slate
“Landscape problems are more costly to correct when deferred,” expert landscaping companies tell Florida Today. An inspection is a great way to start. Before making any additions or renovations to outdoor spaces, hire professionals to make sure you don’t have even greater problems on your hands. Inspectors will assess outdoor areas, gardens, and landscaping for aging and possibly dangerous trees, leaks or holes irrigation systems and/or sprinkler systems, and more. What inspections entail may vary depending on your area. For example, in California, professionals will evaluate landscape planting design for fire or wildfire hazards. In states with harsh, frigid winters and lots of snow, lawn repair services will look out for ice, snow, and subsequent flood-related damages.

Remember, efficient planting and hardscaping is crucial. Quality landscaping may increase home’s resale value by as much as 15%, and — in the meantime — it can reduce utility bills by 20% as well.

Get Inspired By Celebrity Landscapes
“We love the sound of water in the garden: water features from inexpensive self-contained systems in an urn or portable fountain to a high-end water wall are popular across all budgets,” writes. Apparently, celebrities do, too. Many celebrities are incorporating water features into hardscaping and landscape planting designs. Jennifer Lawrence recently bought a home with a stone slab lap pool. (The luxury house has also been owned by Jessica Simpson and Ellen Degeneres.) The majority of buyers (60%) take landscaping and current trends into account, so get on the water features bandwagon.

Get a head start on your landscaping. Ask a professional to inspect your lawn in its current state so you can make any necessary improvements, and look at celebrity homes for some inspiration for this spring.