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Winter is Coming: 3 Ways to Get Your Home and Yard Ready

Summer is sweet, and to be sure, we still have many more (or about two) months left to listen to the sweet sing-song melodies and bathe in the buttery afternoon sunshine of the warm weather. But, as home-owning adults, not unlike the Starks of Winterfell, we simply must face the facts: Winter is Coming.

Luckily, we have an entire autumn to play buffer to these two very different seasons, always just out of reach of the other’s grasp. Once flower-laden branches can enjoy the weightless respite of autumn before they sag ground-wards again, this time, beasts of burden for the white blanket of winter. Everything in your yard will curl into itself, saving their reserves for the eventual spring — which sometimes seems like it will never come. The visage of death in your beloved and much-enjoyed yard can be hard to bear, but persevere and you will be rewarded.

Luckily, homeowners and yard-tenders around the world have figured out a way to counter the freezing scars of winter, and help their sweet bulbs and grasses recuperate as best they can. Check out these three tips, and be forewarned: winter is coming.

    • Feed Your Lawn
      Does not the squirrel gather its nuts in order to better fare the winter? And why should not your lawn do the same? Think of what it has been through all summer long, and the hard work it has done keeping the children’s feet soft, cushioning falls and frisbees. Indeed, your well-maintained lawn can even reduce ambient allergens, like ragweed. Feed it a lawn approved fertilizer to help it better survive the coming snows.


    • Winterize the Sprinklers
      Avoid heavy fees and tears later by having professional landscapers come by and blow out your sprinkler system. They are bound to carry a degree in this field, so consult them for weatherizing tips and lawn repair advice should misfortune fall this winter.


  • Let it Breathe
    All summer long, your lawn has been clamped and compacted, and the roots of your lawn are struggling for air. Relieve them; aerate your lawn. Landscape services will do this for you, with specialized high-quality materials, and offer lawn patch advice and other lawn repair tips for after.

A well-landscaped lawn and patio area can fetch a return of 15% or more at selling time, provided you treat it with high-quality materials and consideration. Remember that winterizing your lawn will only save you time, money, and effort later on.