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You ‘Autumn’ Know: Lawn Care Tips For Fall

Ah, fall. The leaves are starting to turn colors, the temperatures are starting to drop, and the light in the sky is starting to get that autumnal tone. Your lawn is about to go through some changes, too. In order to maintain your yard’s health, it’s essential to follow these fall lawn care tips during this time of year. If you don’t, your lawn may look a little sad once spring rolls around again. Unless you enjoy seeking out lawn repair advice from various Hockessin DE lawn care companies, you’ll want to pay attention to this post.

Rake Up the Leaves

The colorful foliage may be quite a sight to see, but the fallen leaves shouldn’t be welcome on your lawn. They actually trap moisture and block the sunlight, which can spell trouble for the grass underneath. You’ll want to rake and blow the leaves as often as you can; even after the trees are bare, you shouldn’t skip this step. Otherwise, you may find you’ll be in need of lawn patch repair next year.

Keep On Cutting

Your grass may not be growing as quickly as it does in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean all mowing should cease. You’ll still need to cut your grass on a regular basis, as it’ll continue to grow up until the first frost. Leaving your grass to grow long can make it mold more likely. But when you mow, don’t mow too short; over-cutting your grass can be just as damaging. Aim to keep your grass around two-and-a-half to three inches high for best results. Keep in mind that regular mowing will also allow you to reinvigorate the soil with any fallen leaves you’ve missed.

Water and Fertilize

Some homeowners think that it’s not necessary to water their lawns in the cooler months. But we can get just as thirsty in the fall — and so does grass. While rain is more common, it still may not be enough. Your lawn needs about an inch of water per week to stay healthy; keep your sprinklers set up through October to ensure your grass stays hydrated. You’ll also need to add some fertilizer so that your grass lasts. Fertilizer contains nitrogen, which allows the sugar produced by chlorophyll to protect the roots. Typically, you’ll require three to four pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Follow the instructions from Hockessin DE lawn care companies for best results.

Although you may not be executing any major landscape ideas at this time of year, our experienced landscapers can help you get your front yard, garden, and other property features in tip-top shape. When you need help from the best Hockessin DE lawn care companies, we’re here to assist you. For more, contact us today.