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Benefits Of Improving Your Curb Appeal

Creating Your Yellow Brick Road

Landscaped front yard of a Delaware homeEveryone watched Dorothy walk down this perfectly laid out golden path with beautiful and simplistic landscaping designs as she worked her way to see the Wizard of Oz. We have all desired our own custom walkway directing us to our personalized sanctuary once or twice in our lifetime. As we begin to contemplate the final result of such a project, here are a few benefits to consider.

In the world of real estate, a beautiful face isn’t just something memorable, this can actually make or break a sale bid on our home. First impressions are always the most important when considering how this expresses our personality, charm, and how we care for our investment. When we improve our landscaping, we are articulating our love for our home and it’s future.

Curb appeal should be an important factor to all homeowners and not only the ones interested in selling their property. An attractive view from the street pertains to more than just the exterior of the house. This will be including the landscaping, custom walkway, led lighting fixtures, and the beloved driveways.

Properly placed plants, such as trees and shrubs, can block our homes from the sun and wind. By protecting the house from the outside environment will lower the heating and cooling bills by means of 20%. Also, when lining shrubs and bushes around our home and in front of windows will prevent people from getting to close and looking in.

Additionally, adding a custom walkway will not only give character to your house, but will provide a safe journey to your front door. Having masonry services done to your custom path will age beautifully over time as it becomes weathered by the harsh seasons. After many years of settling into the ground, when the land beneath your homes begins to shift, these stones will inform you when it may be time to have your foundation checked due to becoming unleveled.

These are just a few benefits of customizing our house to express our lifestyle, there are many others as we characterize our investment. By adding small details to our abode, like a backyard firepit or a flagstone patio, will provide unique touches and protection to our property. Our homes are the sanctuary away from the daily hustle and bustle of city living, give it tender loving care by creating your oasis.