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4 Custom Carpentry Services That Will Take Your Yard from ‘Whatever’ to ‘Wow’!

Custom Carpentry Delaware and Southeastern PennsylvaniaDo you like to entertain guests in your backyard? Many homeowners do, but they sometimes find that their lawn lacks privacy and shade or doesn’t have enough seating options. If you’ve run into these problems before, then it may be time to consider hiring skilled carpenters to do some hardscaping for your yard.

Adding hardscaping, or permanent structures, to your lawn, can have the effects of a good landscaping project. Great landscaping can increase the resale value of a home by 14% and recoup between 100% and 200% of its original costs, according to Money Magazine. Even spending just 5% of the value of your home on landscaping can add 15% to the resale price later on. Using custom carpentry services to add to your yard can help enhance your landscape design and add value to your home, too.

Are you thinking about adding hardscapes to your lawn? Consider these four custom carpentry services that will transform your backyard from “whatever” to “wow”:

While chainlink fences remain popular for many homes, there’s nothing quite like the privacy that a tall wood fence can bring. Whether you have an older fence you need replaced or you’re adding a structure to your lawn for the first time, a fence is a must-have for privacy in a suburban neighborhood. Many wood fences today can be customized to have as simple or elaborate of a design as you prefer.

Entertaining, grilling, and catching some sun during the summer are all a bit easier with a great deck in your backyard. Some decks today are even made with built-in bench seating — perfect for entertaining a large number of guests. A custom built deck is a great spot to add a fire pit or outdoor kitchen.

Whether you want to cover the frame with a canopy or leave it as is, a pergola can make a great addition to a backyard. Some homeowners prefer to cover them in plants, like grapevines, to add shade. An arbor trellis is another smaller alternative to getting a full pergola over a patio or deck.

If you’d prefer more cover than pergola, a gazebo may be the answer. Gazebos can either be standalone or be added to a deck, and they can be as large or small as you wish. Screened in gazebos are a newer alternative that many homeowners opt for, so they can keep the bugs away when they entertain.

Have more questions about using custom carpentry services to add unique hardscapes and structures to your yard? Get in touch with our carpentry professionals today!