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Should You Incorporate These 3 Lux Hardscape Design Ideas into Your Lawn?

hardscape design ideasIf you’re old enough to remember Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, then you probably have some idea of what the homes of the wealthy look like. If you’re not, however, think of the most luxurious episodes of MTV Cribs. The mega-rich don’t just have a sprawling home and an enviable car collection — they also have incredibly well-maintained lawns. And sure, they have the advantage of having a staff of gardeners, landscapers, and groundskeepers to keep everything looking stunning, so it’s not as if they have the time to go out there and weed their flowerbeds. But to get the true wow factor that comes with living in a mansion, having expert landscaping is essential to get that luxurious lifestyle look.

You likely already know the importance of good landscaping. For instance, it not only looks good, but it can add 14% more resale value to your home and influence the decision for 60% of home buyers. According to Money Magazine, landscaping can bring a return on investment between 100% and 200% on average, depending on the job done. But hardscaping, or adding permanent fixtures like walkways, patios, and more, can also have similar effects on the home’s value and add a touch of luxury to regular suburban life, and it can make a well-designed landscaping project really pop. If you’re ready to live like a Hollywood actor or a world famous pop star, try adding one of these fabulous hardscape design ideas to your home:

Fountains and Waterfalls
Is there anything more peaceful than sitting next to a waterfall? Fortunately, you no longer have to go out to the nearest park or national monument to see one. Today’s expert landscaping services can create one in your backyard. If you’d rather go the traditional route with your hardscape design ideas, however, consider adding a fountain in the backyard or in the front, if you’d prefer everyone to see it.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces
Need a way to stay warm on those cool fall nights that are coming up soon? Try adding a fire pit or fireplace to your back patio. An outdoor fireplace stands upright and is usually inside a tall brick or stone structure. These are perfect for warming your feet and hands as you sit outside and socialize. Fire pits, however, sit flat on the ground and are usually circular or squared in shape — perfect for roasting marshmallows over or just adding a dramatic flair to your next backyard celebration. Because they can be customized, fire pits and fireplaces can make for some truly unique hardscapes.

Outdoor Kitchens
If a simple charcoal grill just isn’t enough for you during the summer, then why not get an entire kitchen? These fixtures, usually embedded in masonry, contain state-of-the-art grills and have counter tops to give you plenty of prep area. Larger setups can even add an oven and cabinet space, if desired. It’s the ideal setup for foodies and grill aficionados alike.

Would you use one of these hardscape design ideas for your home? Tell us what you think in the comments section.