Eco-Friendly, Landscaping

The Eco-Friendly Appeal of Professional Landscaping

The creation and maintenance of a rich, vibrant landscape takes considerable knowledge, skill, and minute attention to detail. Professional landscape designers do a lot more than transplant trees, fertilize lawns, and trim shrubbery; they must observe and study each aspect of a property, and propose the most ideal solutions to bring out the unique potential of each landscape.

Oftentimes, home and landscape design professionals are referred to as “landscape architects.” In the United States, landscape and design first became institutionalized during the early part of the 20th century. Since that time, the field has flowered, and branched off, into myriad disciplines and sub disciplines. Typically, a home and landscape design professional will need to earn either an undergraduate or graduate degree, because designing and creating full landscaping projects requires a thorough knowledge of flora, fauna, and ecosystems.

Landscaping professionals might also be specialized in one or more landscaping areas, such as botany, horticulture, natural resources, or sustainable landscape design. Regardless of the discipline, one of the most crucial aspects of landscape design is understanding how weather, soil, sunlight, temperature, and water react to each other chemically. For instance, every landscape professional knows that grass is susceptible to damage during dry periods; and that the best time to water foliage is during the cool morning hours.

While the aesthetic benefits of landscaping are the most obvious, there are other benefits to larger scale landscaping projects, as well. A professionally landscaped and well maintained lawn minimizes allergens, ragweed, and other nuisance growths. Furthermore, the U.S. Environmental Protection agency contends that trees can reduce undesirable noise by 50%!

Regardless of the size of a property, or the visions of a property owner, home and landscape design professionals have the knowledge and skills to make any vision a reality.