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Upgrade Your Home by Installing a New Landscape Design

Although some homeowners will install a nice lawn and add features of luxury landscapes to give themselves a house that stands out on the block, others will improve their yard and landscaping in order to boost the overall value of their home. A high quality luxury landscape design could add up to 14% of the resale value of a property. Plus, according to Money Magazine, new landscaping can bring between 100 and 200% recovery when it comes time to sell a home. That added value could help offset some of the costs of installing a new landscape design, and make the time and money required to do so more worthwhile.

In addition to adding value for possible resale, professional landscape designs can be a economically sound addition to a home, because they can help cut utility costs. According to the American Public Power Association, tress, bushes, and other landscaping items can reduce the need for air conditioning by up to 50%, by shading the windows and walls of a home. The positive impact on utility bills can be felt almost immediately by homeowners who make these improvements, making landscaping a good option for anyone hoping to improve their energy efficiency.

Trees can be a nice addition to any landscape and design ideas. Not only can a row of trees add a touch of green and a bit of privacy to a yard, but they can actually help it remain peaceful. The UESPA notes that certain trees have the ability to block up to half of bothersome noise and can actually replace annoying sounds with pleasant ones. So anybody who likes to relax on their deck or porch on a lazy summer day or crisp autumn afternoon should install trees to complete their luxury landscapes.

After putting in the effort and money to install luxury landscapes, homeowners will want to make sure that they do a bit of upkeep to maintain a fresh look. Fortunately, there are lots of helpful landscape tips that they can use to make that easy. For instance, homeowners should water their lawn during the coolest parts of the day, especially the morning, to cut water lost to evaporation by up to 40%, and to prevent fungal diseases from growing. Simple tips like that can go a long way towards making sure luxury landscapes maintain both their aesthetic and financial value over time.