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This Fall, Go Native – and Feed the Bees

Fall is here, but your yard or garden doesn’t have to go into hibernation mode just yet.

You can get a lot more horticultural enjoyment out of this season, thanks to a variety of beautiful plants that bloom specifically during autumn. Many of them feed late-season pollinators like bumblebees, too, which are vital to our ecosystem as pollinators of flowers, food crops and trees.

Here are three ways for your yard to thrive this season:

Plant the Perfect Native Species for Fall

The beautyberry, or callicarpa, is a plant native to Delaware that blooms through autumn. Its foliage produces hundreds of gorgeous violet berries in the fall.

As an upright plant, beautyberry is a natural space-saver. As a bonus, the plant conveniently resists deer and repels late-season mosquitos that might be lingering.

Feed the Bees with These Late-Blooming Flowers

During the fall, bumblebees join the ranks of species scrambling to forage in preparation for winter hibernation.

The bee will search for pollen and nectar, a task that becomes increasingly difficult as summer plants die.

Lend a hand to pollinators with late-blooming flowers like basil, borage and calendula. These plants, which flower throughout autumn, especially attract bumblebees and other beneficial insects.

Some other pollinator-friendly plants include:

  • Japanese anemone
  • Lemon balm
  • Anise hyssop
  • Clovers
  • Aster
  • Perennial sunflowers
  • Golden rod
  • Ironweed

Spend Time with Family & Friends Around the Firepit

Extend outdoor usage this season by incorporating a firepit into your landscaping design to better appreciate fall’s crisp, breezy nights. After all, nothing says “autumn” like a cozy bonfire on the patio or around the firepit with family and friends.

For best results, use aromatic wood like seasoned cherry for a slow-burning fire that smells wonderful and burns bright.

For more seasonal planting and landscaping ideas, contact the Borsello Landscaping team today!