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3 Questions To Ask Before Deciding On Backyard Carpentry Services

When most homeowners think about hardscaping, it’s likely that rocks, concrete, and brick may come to mind. But your local skilled carpenters can also build incredible features made of wood that will add both financial and aesthetic value to your property. Although there are an estimated 398,383 landscaping businesses currently in the U.S., not all of them have carpentry professionals in their employ. This type of landscaping project is quite special.

Before you contact the skilled carpenters in your area, you’ll first need to decide if this kind of project is right for your property and your family. Here are just a few questions you should ask yourself:

    1. What is my goal for this project? Each family will have different needs for their landscape ideas. Some people want a big wooden playground for their kids to enjoy, while others want a small wooden shed for their gardening and power tools. Alternatively, your family might want to install a wooden gate and deck around your pool or a pergola near the firepit. Whether for entertaining, privacy, safety, or function, you’ll want to have a good idea of why you want these features first. That will help you and your landscaping company narrow down the possibilities later on.


    1. How much maintenance do I want to take on? Wood does require slightly more maintenance than other types of hardscaping, in certain cases. Painted or stained wood will need to be tended to more frequently than, say, other kinds of fencing or siding options. But keep in mind that wooden sheds, pergolas, gates, and fencing are typically more valuable. So while that bi-yearly maintenance may not be your favorite thing, it’s going to add more to your property than less attractive options on the market.


  1. Is my landscaper able to take on this project? Simply put, not every landscaping company has the expertise to create what you have in your mind’s eye. You’ll want to zero in on companies that have skilled carpenters who are up to the task. Take a look at the company’s reviews and at their own portfolio to ensure their quality of work is up to par. Even if you don’t know exactly what kind of feature you’re looking for, you’ll be confident in their ability to do whatever’s needed. And, of course, you can brainstorm with your landscapers to find something just perfect for your yard.

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