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Top Landscaping Trends You’ll See This Year

Did you know over 60% of homebuyers say that a house that has a well-landscaped lawn influences their purchasing decision over a home with so-so landscaping? If you’re looking to add value to your property or improve your home’s curb appeal, look no further. We have curated the biggest landscaping trends we expect to see for landscaping services in Wilmington DE for 2020.

1. Lighting

Landscape lighting sets the mood and tone for the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Beyond the traditional outdoor solar LED lights, this year you’ll see even more of last year’s Moroccan inspired lighting. Bringing together a fantastic marriage of patterns and vibrant colors.

2. Minimalism

Thanks in large part to the continued popularity of the Marie Kondo minimalism movement, we will see less ornamental foilage and decor. There will be a desire for spacious, open areas with paved pathways, functional over fashionable outdoor furniture, and modern outdoor kitchens spaces.

3. Low-Maintenance

Continuing on the minimalism trend, low-maintenance lawns that don’t require a lot of upkeep will be popular. Planting complementary plants and foilage that helps with the upkeep will also be key.

4. Sustainability

There will be renewed enthusiasm for environmental sustainability. People will be inclined to use compost and solar power in commercial and residential landscapes. Importance will be placed on decreasing carbon footprints and making “doing your part to save the environment” easier.

5. Pergolas

Pergolas came onto the scene in early 2019, and their popularity has continued to grow. They add a sense of intimacy to any residential or commercial landscape. There isn’t anything more intimate than soft outdoor lighting surrounding a custom pergola.

6. Bees

More and more people are growing aware of the precarious plight of the honeybees. They’re dying in astonishing numbers due in part to pesticides and lack of available resources. Plants encouraging and helping to support their population are popping up all over the world.

If you need help deciding what flowers or plants to add to your garden to attract the bees, contact landscaping services in Wilmington DE.

7. Color

From bright colored Moroccan-themes to monochromatic color palettes, color trends have never been so wide-ranging. Neutrals will be taking a back seat this year to the more engaging colors.

8. Vertical Wall Planters

From vertical tomato plants to various flowering vines, many flowers and plants will be carefully constructed into vertical wall planters. They’re especially popular in small yards or city apartment rooftop gardens.

Contacting the experts that specialize in landscaping services in Wilmington DE can help advise you on what plants grow best stacked in vertical planters, as well as be able to source them for you.

9. Vegetables and Herbs

Growing your own food has never been as popular as it is right now. Landscaping services in Wilmington DE are finding people are eager to grow and eat their own food. Being able to integrate edibles into your landscape is a beautiful thing, and it can be done with the proper expertise.

If you’re seeking expert landscaping services in Wilmington DE or the surrounding area, give Borsello Landscaping a call today. They are brilliant landscape artists who have been transforming residential and commercial landscapes into masterpieces for years.