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When Landscaping Goes Bad: Big Mistakes That’ll Tank Your Curb Appeal

As you may already know, great landscaping can add value to a property like almost nothing else. Nearly all realtors recommend that homeowners invest in landscaping before selling their houses, and a quality landscaping job can increase a building’s resale value by up to 14%. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, landscaping projects can allow you to get more use out of your property and add beauty all around you. That is, if you go about these landscape ideas in the right way. There are definitely some wrong tactics that can derail all your efforts to improve the look of your outdoor space. By working with a professional landscaping company in Delaware, you can avoid the mistakes below.

  • Neglecting lawn maintenance — No matter how much time and money you spend on planting flowers or installing hardscaping features, your lawn will betray you if you aren’t taking care of it. You’ll need to keep it watered, mow it on a regular basis (but not too frequently!), and fill in any bare spots. A yellow, sparse lawn will look sad to passersby. If you need lawn repair advice, your local landscaping company can be a great resource.
  • Planting invasive species — While there are some invasive plants that are attractive to the eye, they get out of control quickly and can take over your yard. In general, you’ll want to steer clear of introducing invasive species anywhere on your property. If you have ivy or wisteria, you may not need to get rid of it completely (as it may add some charm and many homeowners like the look of these plants). But if you’re looking for new additions to set your property apart, opt for native plants instead.
  • Not following a color palette — Color can be a wonderful thing, as it can make your yard stand out. But it’s possible to have too much of it, particularly if there’s no real color scheme. This can make your space look overly busy and overwhelming. Remember that repetition and harmony make for a great garden. Look for flowers that will complement the color of your house and will look attractive together. Try to stick within one color family for certain areas, as a rule. This will pull everything together in a cohesive, pleasing way.
  • Not having a plan — Trying to add landscaping elements without a detailed plan? You’re bound to run into trouble. Your whole yard needs to be both functional and beautiful. It’s tough to make certain of both when you’re winging it. You’ll be much better off working with an experienced landscaping company in Delaware that can create something special to fit all of your needs and make your property look its best. Otherwise, your yard may end up looking like a mess — and that won’t be a welcoming sight to anyone.

By keeping up with your lawn maintenance, planting the right species, sticking to a color scheme, and working with a landscaping company in Delaware or Southeastern Pennsylvania to develop a plan, you’ll be able to make your property truly shine. To find out more about how we can help, contact us today.