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Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas That You’ll Love, Too

Now that summer is almost here, it’s likely your family will be spending quite a bit of time outdoors. While Money Magazinemaintains that landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100% to 200% when selling a home, that’s certainly not the only reason to focus on landscaping. Taking on a few landscaping projects can make your property more beautiful and allow you to enjoy the time you spend there even more.

But of course, families with young children might want different things out of their landscaping than a single homeowner might. These features need to look great and entertain the entire family. If you’re looking for landscape ideas that will appeal to relatives both young and old, you might want to consider some features on this list and contact the finest landscape architect Wilmington DE has to offer.

Add a bridge or path
If you’re fortunate enough to have a creek in your backyard, your kids will probably love exploring it during the summer. You can add to the magic (and ensure their safety) by building a little footbridge over it. Don’t have any natural water in your yard? No problem. Whether you decide to add a water feature or simply build a bridge over a spot filled with pebbles, there are plenty of ways to make your yard feel more special.

Another way to give your yard a “secret garden” feel is to add some winding walkways. You can supplement these paths with some fun topiaries or tall flowering bushes to create a labyrinth-like quality, too. These ideas are fun for both parents and kids who enjoy a bit of whimsy. Be sure to consult with a landscape architect Wilmington DE residents rely on for additional pathway ideas.

Incorporate seating
Your children will likely be active a lot of the time, running around and playing with their friends. But they’ll still need a spot to sit for a spell. Adding fun places to gather and enjoy each other’s company is essential for both grown-ups and little ones. Decorative benches or seats made out of natural stone and wood can be great, as can hammocks and benches built around larger tree trunks. And of course, don’t forget to “deck” out the patio with lots of places to rest, eat, and talk.

Consider water features
There’s no doubt your kids will love backyard water features like ponds and fountains. But the sound and look of water can be immensely calming for adults, too. As long as you make sure that your children are supervised and that safety features are put in place, these aquatic elements will appeal to everyone. If you really want to embrace the idea of H2O, you could even add a splash pad or a pool. These features will allow you to enjoy your yard even more than you did before.

Embrace childhood fun
For many children, the ultimate backyard feature might be a treehouse, a playhouse, or a set of swings. You can find some of these elements ready-made at stores, but you can also work with carpentry professionals to create something totally unique to your family. That way, it’ll fit in completely with your existing aesthetic and will provide your kids with hours of fun. The more time your kids spend outside in your own backyard, the better off everyone will be. You’ll want to talk to the landscape architect Wilmington DE residents trust to decide on an option that works with your vision and budget.

Plant a garden
Delicate flowers and active kids might not always be the best combination, but that doesn’t mean a garden has no place in your yard. A vegetable garden can help teach your kids about nature, science, and nutrition while giving them some responsibility for caring for living things (and an appreciation for produce!). A sensory garden filled with amazing smells and opportunities to connect with nature can be an ideal choice for young children, too.

These ideas can encourage family members of all ages to spend time in the great outdoors. Before summer gets started, contact a landscape architect Wilmington DE residents swear by to get their yards in tip-top shape.