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Will a Gazebo or Pergola Add Value to My Home?

Pergola in the backyard of a Delaware homeSummer may be winding down, but you’ll still have plenty of time to savor the warm weather outside in your yard. Whether you want to make some property improvements before fall arrives or you’re thinking ahead to next year, you might be wondering about the types of custom carpentry and hardscapes that can make your property look its best. In many cases, additional structural elements can transform an otherwise ordinary backyard into something truly special. And among the possible structures you might add to your yard, gazebos and pergolas are two of the most attractive. But will an outdoor gazebo or pergola actually add value to your home?

The short answer isĀ yes. You might already realize that the value of landscaping is significant, with 60% of potential home buyers reporting that a well-landscaped yard influences their purchasing decisions. But it’s not all about flowers, trees, shrubs, and green lawns. Larger structures created by experienced craftsmen can take your yard to the next level — and everyone will take note.

Given the rising popularity of outdoor living, adding hardscaping or carpentry elements can be an excellent investment. Although the ROI for features like outdoor gazebos and pergolas can vary depending on your location and the state of the real estate market, these structural elements can certainly make your home stand out amongst the competition. Some estimates say that your return on investment could be as high as 50% to 80% when you add a pergola or outdoor gazebo. So if you plan on selling your home in the near future, this could be a welcome addition to your outdoor space.

But you don’t have to list your home on the market to benefit from the value of these features. Keep in mind that both gazebos and pergolas will add extra square footage to the usable space on your property. Being able to extend the inside of your home to the outside (and vice versa) will allow you to use your outdoor space more frequently, especially because these structures will provide some much-needed shade and protection from the elements. Plus, these structures can be used for any number of things — like outdoor dining, entertainment, storage, and gardening — which means they’ll be far more than something picturesque to look at through a window. And because you’ll benefit from some added privacy without having to install any fencing.

Ultimately, gazebos and pergolas can add a substantial amount of beauty and charm to a given property. But they can also increase your living space, add to your entertaining options, and increase your privacy and protection outside. To learn more about how our hardscaping features can add to your property’s value, please contact us today.