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3 Landscape Lighting Tips All Homeowners Should Know

When people think about landscaping, they tend to think about plants, flowers, and hardscaping. But one of the most important aspects of landscaping is outdoor lighting. So if you’re focusing on your landscape lighting, here are a few tips to help get you started.

Consider your needs: When it comes to outdoor lighting, there may be several reasons you want or need the lighting. One of the main reasons people want landscape lighting is for aesthetics. But if you’re looking for some outdoor lighting to light up the yard when you have guests over, consider subtle, soft light so you don’t blind your guests with spotlights. And if you’re looking for lighting for security purposes, make sure all entrances to your home are lit as well as any dark spots behind shrubbery or structures. Overall, considering your needs will allow you to choose the best lighting options for your outdoor area.

Minimize light pollution: If you use the wrong types of lighting or even aim lights incorrectly, you could end up experiencing some light pollution. Your lights could shine into your home, create glares, or even blocks your view of the starry night. So to avoid this, make sure you aim your lights correctly. You should check your lighting from inside your home to ensure everything is aimed properly. Additionally, consider using lower wattages to provide enough light without being too harsh. LED lighting is great for saving energy and reducing light pollution. And lastly, consider using dimmers or motion sensors so you have lighting only when you really need it in certain areas.

Choose the right placement: It’s important to work with a Greenville landscaping company to figure out the best hardscape lighting solutions for your home. While there are several unique outdoor lighting options to consider, there are a few key areas around your home that should be well-lit. Pathways, entries, stairs, decks, and other architectural features should all be highlighted with lighting for both aesthetic and safety purposes. Choosing the right lighting placement will ensure your landscaping is shown off, even during the darkest of nights.

Landscaping is not only important for aesthetic purposes, but a good landscaping job can even increase the resale value of a building by up to 14%. So when you’re working with a Greenville landscaping company, keep these lighting tips in mind for the best results.