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3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Landscape Lighting

Between 2009 and 2014, the U.S. landscaping industry grew 3.7% every year. It’s clear, then, that more and more Americans are realizing the importance of having an attractive outdoor space they can enjoy. A big part of making your yard both safe and beautiful at any time of day is the outdoor lighting you choose. But no matter what kind of LED lighting ideas you’re most drawn to, you’ll want to answer these three questions before making a final decision on your unique outdoor lighting options.

    1. What purpose will your lights serve?
      This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s actually an important query. The type of lighting you decide on needs to relate back to its intended purpose. Are you simply trying to set a mood? Are you trying to increase safety for your family and guests? Do you want to highlight a certain yard feature? Or do you want to improve overall security around your property? Your landscaping contractors can help you choose fixtures that will work best for what you’re looking for.


    1. What style do you like?
      You’ve probably thought out some sort of overarching theme for your backyard landscaping. Some homeowners like carefully manicured bushes and contemporary elements while others want to evoke a Spanish villa or English garden. The LED lighting ideas you like will probably fall in line with your general aesthetic, but you should work with your contractor to find fixtures that support the general vision for your space. Even though you may not see the fine details at night, your simple, traditional, or antique fixtures will be seen a bit during the day. They may be well-hidden, but make sure you like the look of them when they’re noticeable.


  1. How much do you want to spend?
    You may feel that higher-quality lights are worth paying a bit more for. Depending on the design of your outdoor space, that may certainly be the case. In other areas, though, you may not need the fanciest, most expensive fixtures. In addition, you should consider the fact that the amount you spend on the fixtures themselves isn’t the end of your costs. You’ll also have to add operational costs to your monthly energy bills. This is why LED lighting ideas have become so popular. By using Energy Star-designated products, you’ll be saving electricity and money. Be certain to factor these costs in to your overall budget.

Want to bring your backyard to a whole new level? You’ll need some great outdoor lighting. To find out more, contact Borsello Landscaping today.