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5 Common Winter Landscaping Mistakes to Be Cautious Of

Just because winter is here, that doesn’t mean you should put your landscaping on ice completely. You spent a lot for those landscape services, so make sure you are not making these common landscaping wintertime mistakes. With this simple advice from our landscaping pros, you can keep your lawn and patios in tip top shape for the springtime.

  1. Extreme lawn manicuring
    While you may be tempted to mow the lawn every few days or so to make it look fantastic, this can ruin your lawn. Cutting the grass too short can damage it so it doesn’t grow. A good rule of thumb is to keep your grass about two inches tall at the absolute shortest.
  2. Not watering plants
    Your plants still need water during the cold season! Even if they don’t look their best — bare tree branches, hedges, and fruit trees — they still need water to survive the harsh winter. No matter the season, make sure to water during the coolest (but not freezing) parts of the day, preferably in the early morning. This is because watering in the middle of the day increases the amount of water lost to evaporation by as much as 40%.
  3. ¬†Creating a luxury landscape design that can’t hold up to the elements
    Take into consideration your typical winter when you design your patio and outdoor landscaping features. You don’t want to install outdoor lighting that has to be reinstalled every springtime, or an outdoor fireplace that must be cleaned every time you have a large snowfall. If you have any concerns about the longevity of your ideas, a landscape services company will be able to give you a consultation.

Remember: it’s all about the perennials!

4. Not using the correct plant fertilizer
Granular fertilizer takes longer to dissolve, especially in colder climates. However, spray fertilizer works great all year round. If you only have minimal warmth during the colder months, it is beneficial to continue the use of spray fertilizers throughout the winter as an extra level of protection against dangerous frost.

5. Don’t leave the leaves!
It is incredibly important for any homeowner to keep their lawn clutter free. Make sure to rake your leaves at least once a week. It’s essential that your lawn be clear in time for the first snowfall. If you don’t, fungus and mildew can accumulate on the leaves, making a huge problem once the snow thaws.

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