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Need to Hire a Landscaping Company? Keep These Tips in Mind

There’s no doubt that excellent landscaping adds a ton of value to a property. But you’ll only get a good return on your investment if you work with a qualified landscaper; by hiring inexperienced landscaping companies, you won’t be spending your money where it matters. With so many Americans employed in the landscaping industry — an estimated 878,969 people, all told — how do you know you’re hiring the best of the best for your landscaping project? If you need to find a great landscaping company in Delaware, be sure to follow these tips.

Before hiring landscaping companies, you should…

  • Get multiple bids
    Most landscaping companies will realize that they are not the only ones in consideration for a project. It’s within your best interest to obtain estimates from a few different businesses. Compare and consider these bids carefully; if one seems way too high or way too low, choose a different landscaper.
  • Ask for a drawing
    The best way for you to understand a landscaper’s vision is to see it on paper. You should request a sketch of what they have in mind so you can get a clear (and literal) picture of what the finished project will look like. You can also ask for photos of their previous landscape planting, walkways, and more. Both will give you a good idea of work they do and whether it’s a good fit for what you want on your own property.
  • Check for insurance and licensing
    Landscaping requires immense physical exertion and involves working with heavy equipment and trees. Because of all the risks involved, you need to check to make sure your landscaper is fully insured and licensed. Don’t just assume; you can (and should) ask to see their documentation. It’s the best way to protect yourself, and experienced landscaping companies will understand how important that is.
  • Get everything in writing
    Once you’ve made your decision about who you want to work with, you need to draw up a contract that includes all of the details of the project. Your contract should include your project’s start and end dates, materials that will be used, a breakdown of costs, and (if applicable) your landscaper’s guarantee. This protects both you and the company, should something go wrong on the project. In these cases, a verbal contract is not enough. Lay everything out in writing and make sure both parties sign on the dotted line.

If you’re looking to get some landscaping done this spring or summer, you need to make sure your company is reliable, experienced, and creative. At Borsello Landscaping, we’ll design a project that fits all your needs and makes your outdoor living space both functional and beautiful. To find out more, contact us today!