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Planning Your Spring Landscaping? Keep Your Senses in Mind

With spring still a couple months away, you may not have begun planning your next landscaping project. Despite the chilly winter air, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to do with your porches, patio, or backyard.

While it may be hard to visualize your lawn right now, as it may be covered in snow or mud, one way to visualize properly is by keeping all of the senses in mind. If you’re looking for inspiration, think of the following:

Many plants have adapted to deter people from touching them, but others like silver sage, lamb’s ear, and licorice have a soft appearance to them that almost begs to be reached out and touched. For a simple landscape filler, consider getting some ornamental grasses. In large quantities, they look fluffy and cloud-like, softening any strong lines in your outdoor walkway or other hardscaping.

One of the most practical garden additions is an edible plant. While you may not want to grow crops in your front yard, herbs grow well in large quantities and can be harvested until the fall. You could also invest in a full-on edible garden with a variation of a raised bed.

A grape vine is another option if your have the space. A vine can not only provide tasty fruit, but can also provide shade.

This one may be harder to envision, but bear with us. If you want to create a tranquil space, what kind of sounds would you want to hear? Running water from a waterfall, perhaps? Or the sound of birds chirping. You can attract different types of birds with specific plants, so you may want to investigate that possibility.

As far as water features go, you can create different sounds depending on the style of feature. Contact your local landscaping design company to help choose a possible water feature to match your wants and needs.

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