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Landscape Design By the Senses

high end landscape lightingThe benefits of doing a landscaping makeover for your home or property are innumerable. Not only is landscaping personally beneficial, making your home a nicer place to be or entertain guests, but properly placed plant-life can lower home heating and cooling bills by up to 20%. Not only that, but a well planned yard can increase a home’s resale value by up to 14%. There’s really no losing when it comes to a new landscaping project.

When planning your soon-to-be landscaped yard or working with a landscape designer, don’t forget that an outdoor space elicits a holistic experience. Every sense is called upon to appreciate the different aspects of your yard’s plants and the synergy they produce to relax you and make you feel at home. With that in mind, consider incorporating these unique ideas into your yard, creating an all around amazing backyard experience.

Geometric design, thorough planning, and unique hardscapes are all pleasing to the eye. However, many of the best designs vanish when the sun set, which happens to be the time when guests will most likely arrive. A unique way to enhance your beautiful trees and walkways is to illuminate them with high end landscape lighting. Strategically placed lights will put a spotlight on the loveliest aspects of your yard. High end landscape lighting can also be used to light up patios, fountains, or walkways, allowing you to utilize your landscaped space, all night long.

Scent affects perception and memory far more than most people realize. In fact, virtually every memory is associated with a distinctive scent. If you can recall the wafting aroma of the bougainvillea of your childhood, make no mistake in thinking that the aromatic palette of your property isn’t making an impression. Try picking fragrant plants to line your walkways.

The overall sound of your yard is comprised of many smaller sounds — bees buzzing, trees swaying, grass and tall plants rustling. Supplementing and celebrating these organic sounds with man-made additions like kinetic sculptures or wind chimes will produce an enchanting outdoor melody.

There are many ways to enjoy the fruits of your landscaping labor. Literally. Whether it be a vegetable or herb garden, or the strategic placement of medicinal plants like lemongrass or aloe vera, there is no reason not to enjoy the natural benefits of your garden. Plant berry bushes or honeysuckle to enjoy sweet summer treats.

The sensation of cool grass on bare feet is unparalleled, and requires attentive lawn care. Try to keep off the lawn in dry weather, as dehydrated grass is brittle and more likely to break. Seek lawn repair advice immediately if your lawn is looking raggedy.

Whether it be the installation of high end landscape lighting to highlight what you are most proud of, or enhancing the care of your lawn, an improvement meant for one sense is bound to positively impact the four others. Consulting experienced craftsmen in the arts of landscape design and paying special attention to all the ways your yard can be experienced will lead you to the perfect outdoor experience.