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4 Ideas for Custom Enhancements to Your Backyard

custom carpentryLooking to enhance the priceless backyard experience?

As cool spring days with the promise of the warm summer start fast approaching, you may start to think about what new additions you want to add to your yard. Fine landscaping and lawn care are an essential part of a comfortable and beautiful experience, but so too are the man-made aspects of a yard. There’s nothing like a barbecue on the deck, or the safety of pool guarding fences.

However, if you’re looking to change it up, contact custom carpentry specialist. Here are a few ideas for garden features your local carpentry professionals could help whip up:

A place to play, sit and read, or meet with family and friends — a gazebo is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Customize your gazebo by adding benches, tables, and hooks for hammocks.

Patio With a Fireplace
A patio or deck is a pretty standard backyard addition, but have you ever thought of incorporating a fire pit? Safe, raised stone fire pits surrounded by a deck offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a fire in comfort.

Poolside or Outdoor Bar
Paired with outdoor walkways and outdoor lighting, a custom-made bar can save trips to the kitchen during summer parties. Not only that, but you’ll definitely look suave behind a custom hardwood bar. Your yard will transform from a summer paradise during the day to a happening night spot.

Custom Pergolas
Providing a shaded walkway to your pool, laden with bougainvillea, will provide you and your guests with a fragrant, shaded, pleasant experience. Eating al fresco will never be the same under the filtered light of your new pergola.

These projects won’t only improve the quality of your home, but its value, too. Research shows that renovations and landscaping improvements can increase property value by up to 14%. What’s more, 60% of potential home buyers agree that a well landscaped yard could influence their decisions. In other words, you’ll be able to resell your home for more in less time.

Even though your lawn, pool and plants are important, don’t forget what a talented artisan could do for your yard — of the 878,969 people employed by the landscaping industry, make sure to find the ones who specialize in custom carpentry to build your next dream garden feature.