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Patio Pavers: The Different Types and Their Benefits

With summer on its way, you’re likely looking forward to spending a lot of time outdoors in your yard. You’ll be able to enjoy barbecues, family parties, and warm evenings right outside your door. That is if you have an attractive patio setup. Around 67% of all U.S. landscaping projects involve single family residences, and for those with small or mid-size backyards, patio projects are often a must. Patios are often a great use of space, allowing you to cut down on maintenance while still having a place to sit and socialize with those you love. In recent years, landscape paver patio projects have become increasingly popular due to their versatile appearance, durability, and ease of installation and maintenance. But if you aren’t quite sure which paver patio designs would best suit your needs and tastes, this post will get you started by outlining the main types of patio pavers and their benefits.

You might hear the word “concrete” and assume this option will look dull and dreary. But unlike a poured concrete patio, concrete patio pavers can provide a variety of patterns, styles, and colors. Concrete landscape paver patio designs can be stamped, stenciled, engraved, or finished in unique and interesting ways. They’re quite durable in a variety of weather conditions, are easy to clean, and are easy to repair (particularly if you choose interlocking paver stones). Plus, they’re one of the most affordable options out there.

If you’re into traditional charm, you may be drawn to brick pavers. They’re often used on walkways and in driveways in addition to patios. They’re incredibly strong and will provide flexibility over time, providing more durability and consistency in the long term. Brick pavers take a short amount of time to install and require virtually no time before they can be used for their intended purpose. Bricks may provide additional safety due to their slip-resistant texture.

Looking for something a bit more elegant for your patio? You might want to consider the various stone options at your disposal. You could choose from slate, marble, granite, or flagstone, just to name a few. These stones are stronger than concrete and will provide even more durability over time. They’re also just as easy to maintain and to install, though you should still seek out assistance from contractors in your area if you want the job done correctly. Their sheer variety and beauty is often what draws homeowners to choose stone pavers. Depending on the type, you may pay a bit more for these options. But many families find that being able to create their dream outdoor living spaces is well worth the investment.

With so many possibilities for your landscape paver patio design, it’s essential to have help from an experienced landscaping company that can create something that ticks all of your boxes. To get started on designing your patio, please get in touch with us today.