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Get Your Garden in Shape For Spring With These 4 Tips

In many parts of the country, the signs of spring are everywhere. But if your yard is looking ragged from winter weather, those welcome seasonal changes might not have their desired effect on your property. A dry, sparse lawn and sad-looking shrubs won’t add much value to your home or bring you much joy. Fortunately, this is the perfect time to perform some early spring landscaping. Not sure where to even begin? Follow the tips below.

    • Inspect trees and shrubs
      You’ll want to take stock of what you have before you decide to make any major changes or add anything new. Start by inspecting your existing trees and shrubs around the yard. If you spy broken branches, signs of disease or pests, or the need for pruning, call your landscapers or local arborist to take a look.
    • Rake and mulch
      Now’s also the time to make sure your walkways, patios, and plant beds are swept and cleaned up from the fall and winter. Rake up any leaves and debris you find (sometimes, you can use this to make your own compost!) and add mulch to your plant beds and around your trees. Not only will this help keep moisture in the soil and help plants thrive, but it will also make your garden space look much neater.
    • Choose your plants
      Once you’re done with those dirty details, you can call your landscaping design company and decide what to plant this year. The U.S. landscaping industry employs an estimated 878,969 professionals who can advise you on the types of flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plantings that will work best in your soil and your climate. You can even incorporate certain features into your landscape planting design, such as drought-tolerant plants or additional hardscaping to cut down on overall maintenance. Since it won’t be too long before summer arrives, you should square away these details and get started as soon as possible (weather permitting).

Even if you don’t think you have much of a green thumb, these preparatory tips are easy enough for just about anyone. Better still, they’re all highly effective ways to ensure your yard looks fantastic in the months to come. Creating a beautiful green space starts with your choice of landscaping design company. We’d love to help you bring your backyard vision to life. Contact us today to learn more.