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Three Reasons Why Landscaping is Right For You

Pompeii“Flowers are happy things,” P.G. Wodehouse once wrote, summarizing in so few words the feeling behind gardening and landscaping — that it can enhance both a home, and a homeowner’s mood. Landscaping services don’t always get the credit they deserve, and landscaping companies take care of the lawns and yards that we take for granted. Besides lawn repair services and upkeep, landscapers provide more incentives for homeowners and business owners alike.

To better illustrate just how beneficial landscaping is, here are three benefits that come with a good landscaping job:

    1. It Raises the Value of Your Property: Come selling time, properties with landscaping work done stand to see an increased selling value. Money Magazine recently reported that landscaping can increase the recovery value of a home by 100% to 200%. Moreover, 60% of prospective home buyers revealed in a recent survey that a well-groomed lawn is an influential selling point to them. Hardscape construction projects such as front walkways and backyard ponds can also make a property more appealing. Homeowners interested in selling their homes should consider landscaping to be an investment, the payoff of which can be extraordinary.


    1. It Reduces Your Air Conditioning Consumption: With landscaping, homeowners can stand to see their A/C bills go down by as much as 50%. How? By providing shade. By planting trees and plants over windows, doors, walls, and especially A/C units, landscaping services can provide natural coolness, thereby decreasing the need for A/C use. This is a tremendous advantage for those who live in hotter climates.


  1. It Reduces Pesky Allergens: Landscaping improves the quality of your yard, which in turn improves the quality of the air. A well-kept lawn can reduce allergens such as ragweed, providing relief for those who suffer from allergies.

There are several other advantages to landscape work and hardscape construction projects. Overall, landscaping can do more for your house than just make it look pretty. It can significantly improve its value as well as your comfort levels when living at home. For more information about landscaping services, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.