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Landscaping Companies: What They Can Do For You

Clark Bondi (1)When buying or selling a home, people have to juggle many responsibilities and considerations. For buying a home, the mortgage process alone is enough to drive people crazy. For selling one, deciding on what kind of renovations to have (if any) is a hassle. Yet the concern for the interior can be matched by the attention homeowners and buyers pay to a house’s landscape. Landscaping is a huge business in the United States; landscaping services are expected to generate $80 billion by the end of the year. Landscaping companies are certainly not in shortage of work.

Why is landscaping so important? For several reasons. First, landscaping can increase the value of a home. Money Magazine recently reported that landscaping work can increase the recovery value of a home by up to 200% come selling time. In addition, 60% of home buyers indicated in a recent survey that a good landscaping job would influence their decision. For those who want to sell their homes, investing in landscaping and hardscaping services is a solid investment.

Lawn repair services are also novel for air conditioning units. By shading and covering up windows, doors, and the walls of a home with plants and trees, landscaping companies can reduce one’s air conditioning use by half! Planting a tree in front of an outdoor air conditioning unit, for example, can improve the unit’s efficiency by 10%.

Landscaping, of course, can do more than just add foliage. Landscaping companies can also build front walkways, fountains, ponds, patios, and other features that can turn your yard into a small Xanadu. Even if you are trying to sell your home, with these options for your yard, you may not even want to! Shop around a variety of landscaping companies in your local area; many companies have different approaches to designing, planning, pricing, et cetera. For more information about landscaping services, feel free to give us a call.