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How to Transform Your Yard Into a Vacation Destination

Summer is here, rejoice! Most people couldn’t be happier, but for homeowners, summer means more responsibilities. Landscaping the lawn, fixing the damage that the winter did to your exterior, and other chores mean endless trips to the hardware store for the whole family.

But one thing that really deserves your attention and landscape services is your outdoor living spaces. Not only can proper landscaping reduce the need for central air conditioning use by up to 50%, but a quality landscaping job can increase the resale value of a building by up to 14%.

And most importantly, you will be able to really relax on your own property. Check out these ways to make your yard the ultimate vacation destination:

Treat it Like Your Living Room
Sans television, why shouldn’t your outdoor space be reminiscent of your living room? After all , that’s where you go to rest your weary body after a long day, and why not do it in the fresh air and sunshine? Get amazingly comfortable lawn and patio furniture, and arrange it in a circle around a low coffee table to facilitate food sharing and conversation among your guests.

Personalize It
Do you make your own medicine from herbs? Why not build a gorgeous, circular herb garden? Do you love flowers? Make sure to line every pathway with irises, and plant blooming bushes that will flower at different times in the season in order to guarantee that your yard will be colorful all season long. Maybe sports are more your thing — why not build a makeshift and versatile court? The options are truly endless.

Hide it From Your House
Do you want to make it seem like your backyard really is a vacation destination? Consider hiding it in plain view from your house, with vine covered walls, pergolas, and other unique hardscapes in order to really make it feel like a luxurious time capsule.

Spending 5% of the value of your home on landscaping can increase the resale value by 15%, so why not invest in your property and outdoor living spaces?