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Next-Level Patios: Live It Up This Summer

built in seatingThere are many reasons why you should consider working on some aspect of your yard or outdoor area. According to the American Public Power Association, landscaping can reduce air conditioning needs by up to 50% by shading the windows and walls of a home, and one landscaping study found that there were seven percent higher rental rates for commercial spaces with high-quality landscapes. A well-landscaped lawn even reduces allergens like ragweed. Although the reduced energy bills and the ROI factors are great incentives, the real reason you should invest in your home’s landscape is to enhance you and your family’s happiness.

One of the most heavily used areas of the yard is often the deck or patio, but how can you make those places even more conducive to family fun and bonding? Check out these ideas for making your outdoor living space that much more amazing:

Built-in Seating
With the help of workers who specialize in custom carpentry, you can essentially create any kind of built-in seating arrangement you want. Try to think of how you most use your patio. Do you have large parties? Do you have intimate barbecues? Do you most often lounge outside with a book and a cool glass of lemonade? Even if you do all three, try to work out a design that meets all of your needs. And, it might be a good idea to specialize your built-in components. Think embedded planters, built-in side tables, and nestled lighting components.

Open Trellis Roof
Build an open trellis roof or invest in a pergola. Then, train flowering vines up so that your patio is partially shaded from the sun. You’ll be bathed with flower filtered sunlight all summer long!

Hang Flowers and Chimes
Build sturdy, decorative posts all around your patio, and use them as lighting poles, Tiki torches, and stands for hanging baskets. In order to create a more festive atmosphere, you can also string bright outdoor lights from pole to pole, or when you want a slight breeze and a luxurious vibe, crisp white curtains can be hung between them.

So, whether you use custom made patio poles, built in seating, or another patio enhancer, make sure to contact the experienced craftsmen who can make your dream a reality.