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Where to Get Inspiration For Landscaping

There are many reasons to invest in landscaping services for your home and property. From unique outdoor lighting to walkways, walls, and lawn and patio jobs, it is always a great idea to invest in the space around your home. Indeed, it has multiple benefits when you consider that a well landscaped and maintained lawn helps reduce allergens such as ragweed, and properly placed plants can lower home heating and cooling bills by up to 20%. It’s no wonder that the landscaping services market in the U.S. was expected to recover and reach $80.06 billion by 2015.

But it is hard to decide on where to begin with your home, how to stay within your budget when doing it, and who to employ to help you make you landscaping dreams a reality. For those short on inspiration, check out these suggestions for places to look for that spark.

Parks are the living testament of landscape design on a grand scale, and the design principles utilized there can often be applied to homes. Take a walk in your favorite park and pay attention to what you like and don’t like about the way buildings are framed with vegetation, how walkways are laid out and lined, and how plants, benches, and playgrounds are arranged to achieve a certain perspective.

Other People’s Homes
You are not alone in your struggle — thousands of people before you had to figure out exactly what to plant and where, and get landscape ideas. Take a walk or a drive through a neighborhood notorious for its architecture or for particularly strong curb appeal, and you’ll be sure to find some inspiring yards and unique ideas.

There are countless publications and magazines dedicated to landscape architecture, and looking through them is bound to get the gears working. Not only that but some of the best ideas are adaptations of truly wild and unlikely design elements incorporated into, say, a celebrity or historical home.

Last but not least, the new share economy and the Internet have already provided a place specifically meant for these kinds of conundrums — landscape ideas by the millions are available for you to “pin” onto your very own inspiration board.

The world is full of ideas and creative problem solvers — now it’s your turn to put those ideas into practice! Happy landscaping!