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What A New Landscaping Job Can Give Your Rental Property

landscaping servicesIf you own a home or apartment building, you know how much work it takes to keep the inside of your building maintained. But if the outside of your property doesn’t properly reflect the inside of your property, you may be costing yourself big money. Here are just a couple of things that landscaping services for your building will be able to bring you, and some landscape ideas you can take away from it all.

Better tenants – In a survey about landscaping, experts found that 63% of participants said they’d be willing to pay more for a house or apartment if it had beautiful, well maintained green space. By looking into landscape services for your property, you can attract the right kinds of tenants to your space, and you can earn extra income for having a more premium place to live.

Lower bills – Believe it or not, the right landscaping services can actually save you money. By planting just one tree on your property, you can save nearly $273 a year in costs from air conditioning, pollution, storm water control, and shelter for wildlife. Having a tree in the yard will also add extra shade to your home, which can help you to lower your air conditioning energy costs.

Improve energy efficiency – Along with the actual cost of your property’s air conditioning, having landscaping companies plant trees in your yard will reduce your air conditioning use by up to 50%. Your tenants will be cooler in the hot summer months, and you’ll have a more energy efficient property for them to live in. No matter what, you’ll know that you’re making a conscious choice to improve your property and the environment, as well as the comfort of your tenants.

For landscape ideas you can use for your property, contact your local landscaping services to find the perfect landscaping project for you today.