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3 Signs You Need Better Landscaping

According to recent data, an estimated 67% of U.S. landscaping projects involve single family residences. But no matter what kind of home you have, you can’t argue that landscaping can make a huge difference in its look and its value. That can be a blessing or a curse — depending on the quality of the landscaping you have. If you’ve invested in your property by utilizing professional landscaping services, your home will probably be among the best on the block. But if you’ve gone the DIY route or hired gardeners who cut corners in the past, you might desperately need to improve your landscaping. Here are three signs you definitely need new landscaping this year if you want to impress guests or potential buyers.

  1. Your lawn and plants are dying: Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you should still be able to keep your landscaping looking great. If your lawn always turns an unbecoming shade of brown or your plants struggle to survive, it’s possible that this may not be entirely your fault. Your lawn might not have been properly fertilized or those plants may have been the wrong choice for your yard or even your climate. Whether those mistakes are your own or are the result of an inexperienced landscaper’s poor planning and design, your yard can definitely benefit from some new landscape ideas for the coming year.
  2. You have improper water drainage: If you’ve always done your landscaping yourself, you might be neglecting some of the most subtle components of proper design. Adequate water drainage is essential for ensuring that the living elements in the design receive enough hydration and that your home isn’t subject to water damage. When a basement or patio floods without obvious reason, it could be due to improper water drainage. You’ll definitely need to call in the experts if you want to fix the problem and minimize the possibility of needing residential repairs.
  3. You’re unable to see your home from the street: Landscaping plays a huge role in curb appeal. If you can’t even make out the architecture of your home from the road, you probably don’t have much curb appeal to speak of. That can be a problem if you’re planning to sell your home and can even drive down other property values in your neighborhood. Overgrown trees and shrubs look unkempt and won’t welcome guests into your home. Even if you don’t have overgrowth issues, inadequate lighting can also signal a landscaping issue. If you’re unable to see your own walkway or navigate to the front door without tripping, you’ll need new landscaping projects added to your to-do list this year. An experienced landscaper will be able to address these elements of curb appeal to restore both form and function to your yard.

Based on these three signs, you might need new landscaping in the coming months. We’re here to help add value and beauty to your property. To learn more, please contact us today.