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3 Reasons to Install a Pergola This Summer

Pergola at a Pennsylvania homeNow that summer is officially here, you’ll probably want to spend more time outside in your yard. But if you have a large space with very little shade or places to host guests, you might not be so inclined to venture out of doors. In other words: you probably need new landscaping. Since 67% of all U.S. landscaping projects involve single family residential homes, you certainly won’t be alone. But aside from adding some trees and flowers, what are some other ways to make your property look more appealing? One great idea is to add a pergola.

Remember, landscaping companies can often do a lot more than design flower beds. They can also add hardscaping elements that can provide additional functionality and visual appeal to your outdoor space. A custom pergola, for example, is a structure that can serve several different purposes and become the central statement of your yard. Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider installing this feature before the summer’s over.

  1. Pergolas are versatile and flexible.
    There are lots of different structures you can include on your property, like outdoor gazebos, sheds, walls, and benches. But pergolas are generally a bit more flexible in terms of their intended usage. A pergola can function as a roof-like feature for your patio, a carport in your driveway, or as a means of defining your outdoor space. If you have a pool, you can add a pergola to provide shade and a place to sit, while a pergola can also serve as a central entertaining spot. No matter your vision, you can easily add a custom pergola to serve your intentions.
  2. Pergolas add value and usable space.
    If your yard has very little natural shade or isn’t currently set up for hosting an event, a custom pergola can change everything. Adding a pergola is a great way to avoid extensive changes but still get the most out of your outdoor space. By adding some much-needed shade and definition, you’ll be able to enjoy your property in ways you weren’t able to before. Therefore, you can extend your usable space and add a real selling point that not every home will offer.
  3. Pergolas provide protection and privacy.
    Aside from their obvious visual appeal, pergolas are also quite practical. Instead of resigning yourself to getting a sunburn or being uncomfortable every time you’re out in the yard, you can protect your skin and your eyes with the shade a pergola will offer. You can also add extra privacy to your yard with a pergola, as you’ll be able to entertain without having everything you do be on display for your neighbors. Although pergolas are somewhat open structures, you can add screens or climbing plants to increase the protection and privacy they already have.

The value of landscaping is never really up for debate, as it’s frequently what allows both homeowners and potential buyers to see a property for its true value. But don’t forget that hardscaping elements can support that value, too. To learn more about getting a custom pergola for your home, please contact us today.