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What Can Professional Masonry Services Do For Your Home?

When you update the exterior of your home, masonry services don’t always come to mind. However, there are many ways a professional hardscaping company like Borsello Landscaping can assist around your property.

Before you hire just any type of contractor for your landscaping and outdoor home renovation project, call a hardscaping / masonry services company. Since more than 60% of people are willing to fork out more money for a house or apartment that has obviously put pride in the landscape and green areas around the house, it pays off to invest in this type of upgrade.

Learn about the following ways you can take advantage of a masonry company to help you with your home. You can contact a company like ours for a risk-free consultation and to get ideas and a free estimate for the services you want.

Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful high end outdoor lighting on your home’s exterior and around the perimeters of your property will help make your house look more upscale while illuminating the landscape at the same time. Your hardscape or landscape services company will work out a custom design that works best for your home.

Firepit Design & Installation

If there is one thing a masonry services company can excel at, it’s designing and building a custom firepit. Firepits are great for entertaining and creating warm, cozy, and safe fires, and when installed professionally are very beautiful and ornate in design. Your masonry expert will help you choose the right natural stone, brick and material to make your firepit look amazing.

Hardscaping experts and craftsmen like Borsello Landscaping aren’t just limited to firepits; you can use a professional masonry services company to help you redesign or create a fully-custom outdoor fireplace. Here is some helpful information to help you decide.

Landcape Paving

Your masonry company will work to provide great landscape paving and walkways you can appreciate for years to come. Whether you want a paver walking path to give your home a new look or you want to give your home a streamlined, earthy appeal, you can put natural stone in so many places.

You could also install natural stone on a patio with a beautifully-landscaped outdoor living area, or do some landscape grading before you put in some patio paving. Your masonry expert will help you get the most out of your experience.

Whether you have a minor upgrade or you want to embark on a large-scale project around your property, you should always hire a reputable masonry services company to assist you. You will be able to invest your money into a project that is well-worth the cost and will produce an eventual return on investment.