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Drought Tolerant Plants Ideal For Your Dry Backyard

If you live in a dry climate or your area is going through a bit of a drought, you may think it’s impossible to keep your garden looking lush. But you don’t need to resign yourself to having a backyard filled entirely with hardscaping or dealing with an unhealthy looking lawn. While you stay out of your yard as much as possible in dry weather (as it’s much easier to damage brittle grasses during this time), that doesn’t mean you can’t take on a landscaping project. In fact, there are plenty of landscape planting ideas that are perfect for drier climates and problematic soil types. By seeking out the most reputable experts on landscaping Greenville has to offer, you can find out which types of plants will work best on your property. Here are just a few kinds of drought-tolerant plants that can make any green space look even better.
These plants can improve your dry climate landscaping Greenville projects:

  • Smoke Bush
    This unusual and eye-catching plant is vibrant and extremely hardy. It’s particularly well-suited for dry climates and is a visually stunning addition to any garden. Its colorful clusters of blooms (which can be red, purple, pink, or grey in color) look just like plumes of smoke, hence its name. Keep in mind that these plants can grow to be quite large, so be sure you have the room to spare before committing to one (or several).
  • Lavender
    English lavender can be a welcome addition to nearly any yard. Its beautiful purple flowers and calming scent can instantly transport you to an entirely new place and wash away your stress. Best of all, lavender can actually grow year-round in hot and dry climates. They’re also very low-maintenance. However, they do need quite a bit of space, so be sure not to overcrowd your garden.
  • Cornflowers
    These deep purple or blue annuals, also referred to as Bachelor buttons, have an old world feel to them. They’re also available in white, pink, and red varieties, but traditionalists often stick to their original hue. They require very little care and spread easily. In addition, they last quite a long time when they’re cut and put into arrangements. (For this reason, they were also worn in the button holes of courting gentlemen, which is where they get their nickname.) They flower in the summer months and can bring charm and color to any space.
  • Gaillardia
    While these Blanket Flowers may be too showy for some gardeners, they can bring a lot of joy to a dry yard. They look similar to daisies but bloom from early summer and into the fall, which means you can enjoy their appearance for a much longer period. Their vibrant yellow, red, and orange tones are a cheerful sight to behold for both humans and butterflies. They need full sun and loose soil to thrive, which means that they can handle a dry climate with ease.

Whether you need the best team for landscaping Greenville has to provide or you’re trying to choose hardy plants on your own, be sure to consider your yard’s soil and your local climate before tackling a landscaping project. By utilizing non-invasive plants that will thrive under these conditions, your garden will always look vibrant and healthy.