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Five Design Solutions for a Tired Home Landscape

“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one,” Luis Barragan, the famous Mexican architect, once said. Landscaping is an important part of adding aesthetic and monetary value to your home. It can improve the “usability” of your yard, while also netting you more money if and when it comes time to sell your home. According to the Gallup Organization, landscaping can add up to 15% additional value onto a home.

It’s easy to identify when you need new landscaping, but not everyone has the expertise necessary to ensure a look that is pleasing, affordable, and long-lasting. Hardscaping design, or “non plant” landscaping, is often undervalued. Here are several things you should know about better hardscaping design solutions.

Three Inexpensive Landscape Design Tips

Create a stone path through your garden. In certain regions, you’ll even be able to find stones for free without too much trouble. Stones not only add a touch of natural whimsy, but they also give a clear line for the eye to follow. Round stones will have a more natural look to them
Add a border of pavers to your front walk. This can add impact to your entrance, as well as a nice mix of texture and color — use paving stones that differ in color and roughness from your walkway cement. If your plants are rather sparse, it can also help to fill in some of the visual “holes.”
If you have a wooden fence, dress it up a little. This can include a re-paint, or placing an arch for ivy over the door opening. Easy and inexpensive, but it will definitely draw people’s attention.
Two Ways to Improve the Value of your Landscaping

If you’re okay with the idea of hiring professional landscape designers, you should make the most out of your money and plan ahead, so that you know what to ask about, and what to request. Know the likely value of what you’re adding on, so you can take that into consideration. Outdoor fire pits can be a great investment for your own personal use, but most large-scale additions like that are unlikely to recoup anything close to their value when you sell the home.
Small ponds are often seen as a desired feature in landscape design. It’s important to get something like this built by a home and landscape design professional, even if you’ve seen numerous how-to’s. A badly designed pond can be a real eyesore. For a unique touch, get an oval shaped pond and have a small wooden bridge to go across it.