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3 Focal Points For Your Yard That Aren’t Firepits

When creating a focal point in yards, many people opt for firepits. This is an excellent option, as it gives your friends and family somewhere to gather on summer and fall nights to sing, tell stories, roast marshmallows, and generally to extend the outdoor seasons.

Firepits are also a very easy and low-maintenance way to bring everyone around a common place, but sometimes the best place for your firepits aren’t conducive to making them the visual focal point of your landscaping design. That’s why we have three other suggestions for you so that you can create a unique and dynamic landscape design:

Small Pond
Having a water feature at the center of your yard can promote peace and wellness and also serve as a great place to relax and gather, in the same way that a fire would. Fill a small pond with coy and have a small bridge built over it. A bench or swing right near the water can make for some very peaceful afternoons relaxing outside. After all, green spaces are in demand — 63% of survey respondents stated that they would pay more for housing located near good green space. You can have it in your own backyard.

Decorative Rocks or Sculpture
A gathering of large boulders, rocks, or a sculpture can create a beautiful focal point for your yard and also really create a great opportunity for some creative landscaping around them with flowers or shrubs. It is also a chance to set the whole mood for your yard, depending on what kind of sculpture you choose and how you arrange the boulders.

It might seem like an unusual choice at first, but combined with a small garden, it’s a bold, creative focal point.

A gazebo is the perfect focal point for a yard. Not only does it serve as a place to gather with friends, but it can turn into a makeshift stage or platform for larger events. It can also be used as a quiet afternoon reading or lounging area. Hire custom carpentry services to customize your gazebo and make it reflect your home and the vibe you are going for in your yard. Plus, it’s a great spot for family photo sessions!

There are tons of options for the focal point of your yard; don’t be afraid to move your firepit to the side and experiment with other landscaping features.