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3 Ways To Make Your Small Patio Look A Whole Lot Bigger This Spring

A lot of people want a big backyard of their own — that’s part of the iconic American dream, after all — but that may not be feasible given your location or your budget. For some, a small outdoor space will have to suffice. That said, a small patio doesn’t have to be restrictive. There are plenty of ways to make good use of this space — and even make it seem larger than it really is. We’ll discuss a few of those ways below.

    1. Bring the inside out
      Conventional wisdom tells us that bringing the outside in will make our homes feel fresh and bright. But the opposite holds true when you’re trying to make your lawn and patio area seem a bit more spacious. For many Delaware patios that are on the smaller side, treating these areas like an extension of the home itself can work wonders. By incorporating similar stylistic elements you use in your house into your patio design, you’ll create a seamless transition from inside to outside. Ultimately, that will make your outdoor area seem roomier than it really is.


    1. Keep things simple
      While around 67% of all landscaping projects completed in the U.S. involve single family residences, not all projects need to be expansive (or expensive!). Small changes can sometimes make more of an impact than big ones, and in this case, less is definitely more. Pick just a few elements, made of high quality materials, to designate the space and provide seating for entertaining and dining. When small Delaware patios get too crowded, they’ll seem even tinier than before. Stay away from over-sized furniture and decor for the same reason. Opting for simplicity can make your space shine for the features that already exist.


  1. Think vertically
    When designing for any small space, it’s better to think in the vertical than in the horizontal. You can take advantage of all available space simply by looking up and expanding your decoration in that direction. If you draw the eye upwards, you can create the illusion of space without much effort. Wall planters, string lights, lanterns, hanging chairs, and other kinds of decor can allow you to add visual interest without hogging space on the ground. Just make sure to follow the two other rules listed above, lest you make your small patio too busy.

It may seem like a challenge to make your small patio seem more spacious, but these three rules will give you a great place to start. And no matter what size Delaware patio you’re dealing with, Borsello Landscaping can help you improve upon it. Contact us today for more information.